Frequently Asked Questions

If you click here you can find detailed information on how to use it
For all the questions and inquiries please contact 1:1.

If you need a new video, click on the request video button within the application. If the requested video is on high demand from users, it can be updated in the following month.

Video modeling for applied behavior analysis has been proven to be effective throughout decades of scientific research. For more detailed theoretical evidence you can click here.

The augmentative and alternative communication tool is in use throughout different countries including Korea and is well known for its effectiveness as an alternative way of communication.
For more detailed theoretical information please click here.

Currently we only offer emotion-related or overall communication expression-related image cards. We are planning to expand the categories in the future to provide different cards for different situations.

You can make the payment via the app store or you can use our website. Purchasing via the app will give you immediate access to the app. If you purchase it via the website you may not be able to use it immediately because your account needs to be verified first by our staff and then upgraded into a paid account, and it will take approximately 3 business days to be activated.

Currently we only offer the apps for iPhones (Currently we only offer the app on AppStore). The android version is currently under development.

Find How to use muamie?

Manual for how to use maumie


Detailed response to positive feedback, complaints,

error/bug report will be sent through 1:1 inquiries

Find How to use

Manual for

how to use maumie


Detailed response to positive feedback, 

complaints, error/bug report will be sent

through 1:1 inquiries