A video produced by professionals
And video modeling that is directly created by users.


We provide the ACC Tool.
(Augmentative and alternative communication)


Real time learning 
and communication analysis report

Self Modeling

Video Modeling

We provide specific consultations on content production or
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Augmentative and alternative communication

Maumie provides the scientifically based and effective
augmentative and alternative communication tool.
The ideal solution for those with impairments in expressing
or comprehending spoken or written language.

Progress Charts

Analysis Report​

It provides the user’s personal educational/learning videos, and in real time analysis of the overall use of AAC. The report offers, daily, weekly, monthly training video view counts and specifications
video type, overall satisfaction level, frequently used vocabulary, level of training satisfaction, regularly used vocabulary, emotional expression and even positive vs negative feedback ratio. This report based on diverse data offers a more accurate analysis of the effects of training and it also assists the user to set appropriate learning objectives.

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